The taste of Bresaola: Giò Porro

The tip of the hip: bresaola Giò Porro

The Taste of Bresaola is particularly aromatic because the cut of the beef leg is the most delicate part of the muscle.

Giò Porro bresaola is produced on its own “hip tip” or is obtained from the finest cut of the beef leg.

The product is very healthy, especially for athletes, and not only, because it is absolutely lean, with a very high amount of protein (33% on 100 gr. Of product), low calorie, good presence of minerals and a large amount of water .

There are several cuts of the bovine thigh from which the bresaola is obtained: the topside, the underside, the lath, the underbone and the hip tip (also called the rump without a cover) which considers the best cut because it has no adductor muscle.

Consistency and taste: Bresaola Giò Porro

Below is a guide for choosing the Bresaola Giò Porro that best suits your needs:

– Bresaola Rosè: produced by itself a tip of European ranca “limousine from Brescia breeds”, cattle slaughtered and selected in ITALY, processed fresh and certified HALAL. On the palate it has a very neutral and fresh taste.

– Bresaola Angus: produced on its own, the tip of the hip of American Black Angus cattle, processed fresh, with finishing before the slaughter of 150 days with wheat, on the palate it has an intense and fibrous taste. It is a precious beef, with a rather high percentage of fat (out of 100 grams it contains 18% fat and 82% protein).

– Bresaola Wagyu: produced from the tip of the hip of Japanese Wagyu cattle, processed fresh, with a finish before the slaughter of 300 days with wheat, on the palate it has a sweeter taste. The main feature of Wagyu meat is the “marbling”, that is the thin veins of fat that give the various pieces an appearance similar to that of red marble. This gives the meat a very soft consistency. But also a rich aroma and an unmistakable flavor. In fact, you can feel the note of sweetness reminiscent of coconut and peach.

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