The smell: Bresaola Giò Porro

The smell: bresaola Giò Porro

Try to close your eyes by holding a slice of bresaola in your hands, breathe intensely the aroma released, you will surely already have your mouth water despite not having eaten it yet.

Stop now to think about the flavor released. Open your eyes, observe the ruby ​​red color that makes you want to eat more and more between the Alps and the typical aromatic plants of the area. Now enjoy the bresaola, finally enjoy the aroma initially perceived only with the nose.

Savor the taste and stop to listen to the melting of the product. The act of eating activates all 5 senses, with an intensity that varies according to the type of bresaola, the environment in which we find ourselves and our psychophysical state.

Bresaola Rosè, Angus e Wagyu

We compare Rosè, Angus and Wagyu bresaola. We will almost certainly be more likely to choose:

  • Rosé bresaola definitely more colorful to the eye, synonymous with freshness and palatability;
  • but we could also be captured by the melting of the Wagyu bresaola thanks to the thin veins of fat that characterize and distinguish it so much;
  • for those who prefer meat that is neither too lean nor too fat, it is certainly attracted to Bresaola Angus.

Bresaola and smell: associating a smell with a memory

From a physiological point of view, the sight stimulates the production of saliva and gastric juices to prepare the stomach for digestion of food. In this mechanism, the sense of smell plays a fundamental role, which acts on the center of memory and on the regulation of memories. This allows to associate an odor with a feeling or a memory, even very far away.

The sense of smell, together with the taste, helps us understand what we are eating. The sensitivity of the taste receptors is also influenced by the temperature of the food, the age and the health of the individual. With the tongue, but also thanks to the teeth, we perceive the consistency of the food: hardness, elasticity, softness, rubberiness.

Let’s not underestimate how the pleasure of a food can be influenced by environmental noise: eating in a noisy or peaceful environment will definitely influence our ability to taste and appreciate flavors.

We make sure that the moment of the meal is an occasion of serenity and in which we are predisposed to discover new tastes and flavors, for this reason discover Giò Porro Shop!

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