Bresaola recipe: Sashimi of Bresaola, Capa Santa, and Ponzu sauce

Bresaola recipe: ingredients for 4 people

  • 2 slices of bresaola of angus Giò Porro one centimeter thick;
  • 4 clean Cape Sante without coral;
  • 10 ml of Ponzu sauce;
  • 5 ml of soya sauce;
  • 5 ml of yuzu juice;
  • 20 gr. salted butter;
  • 10 ml. of evo oil;
  • Some fresh, crispy salad leaves.

Process of sashimi bresaola recipe

Heat a non-stick frying pan very well and brown the holy capes on both sides, lower the heat, add the salted butter and nappate until cooked taking care not to dry the head Santa.

Transfer to kitchen paper and let cool. Cut the bresaola slices into two pieces and put them in order to obtain 4
parallelepipeds. Scaloppate the holy heads and the bresaola parallelepipeds of the same thickness.

In a bowl mix the Ponzu sauce ( easily available in ethnic shops) with soy sauce and yuzu juice.

Bresaola di Wagyu: Recipe for Giò Porro

Plate finish

Alternate a slice of bresaola and one of capa santa planting as a traditional sashimi. Add some fresh salad leaves and season with the sauce previously prepared.

Bresaola Wagyu Giò Porro

Given all the characteristics of exclusivity’ of the meat, the type of farming and processing MetodoZero® (patented); the bresaola of Wagyu Gio’Porro is the most ‘valuable sausage on the market, and ‘the most’ expensive.

If the breasola of Australian Wagyu is around 200 Euro per kg, for that of Kobe we are around 400Euro per kg.
This is also due to the rarity’ and scarce availability’ of this type of breed.

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