View: Giò Porro ruby ​​red bresaola

View: Bresaola ruby ​​red

Eating is not only an action to be taken daily to satisfy physiological needs but it is above all a sensory experience.
Seasoning is one of the most important phases during which particular textures and flavors are created, it is the precise moment in which the meats change their aroma and atmospheric and climatic characteristics also come into play based on temperatures, humidity and ventilation.

Visual characteristics: bresaola Giò Porro

Seasoning is shorter the smaller the piece of meat.
Below is a guideline relating to the marbling of Bresaole Giò Porro:
Bresaola Rosé: it has a minimum of 4 months aging, particularly lean, with no marbling, without thin veins of fat. It has a very fresh and light flavor, easily digestible.
Bresaola Angus: it is aged for at least 5 months, presenting medium-grade marbling with some veins of fat. Softer in consistency and with a more mature, full and fragrant taste.
Bresaola Wagyu: it has a maturing of at least 6 months, characterized by intense marbling, the most buttery in terms of consistency and melting. Olfactory and gustatory experience more persistent and intense on the palate.

Period of consumption: exposed bresaola

Once the package is opened, it is preferable to consume the product within 48 hours for optimal flavor and coloring, adding a touch of extra virgin olive oil.
We can therefore say that eating is a decidedly subjective pleasure, and that individual sensations and experiences also affect vision formation.
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    Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! It is the little changes that will make the biggest changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

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